Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Jodhaa Akbar Abridged script begins today!

Hi everyone!

So here I am to inform you that I have started writing on the abridged script on Jodhaa Akbar officially today at 2:30AM GMT! Crazy I know but I love writing and I am in a good mood!

I am excited about this to be honest, I know it will be daunting though. The other two abridged scripts have been of excellent quality so a lot is riding on my shoulders! I hope I do justice to the standard that Just-another-frog has set for this hilarious blog!

So what can you expect in this abridged script of mine...don't expect me to be politically correct with it. I will just write whatever is in my crazy mind! Wouldn't it be amazing if Hrithik or Gowarikar read this. I reckon I would be slaughtered by Gowarikar just like Sajid Khan was at the Star Screen Awards!

But yes, to the makers of the film and everyone associated with the film...no hard feelings. It's just for fun and I didn't spend £10 on buying the DVD for no reason! So be nice...I'm blessing you with some profit haha! But I promise that with whatever film I write an abridged script for I will buy the DVD!

By the way...this does mean, you should go and buy the original DVDs you cheap people! Oh what the heck...you're still going to download films illegally whatever I write here!!!

Anyway...wish me luck and hope that all izz well*!


* The 'all izz well' is a plug to buy the Three Idiots soundtrack! Haha!


  1. great news, Rahul! Haha, I hope the standard I set isn't *that* high :-)

    good luck!

  2. That epic is definitely begging for the abridged treatment. Looking forward to your post. :-)