Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hi, everybody!

Welcome to Bollywood: Abridged, my blog where I write little spoofy scripts of Bollywood films. I mostly do this because I watch Bollywood movies all the time, but since I'm a pretty sarcastic person, I tend to have a lot of questions and sarcastic comments about some by the end! I figured it would be pretty awesome to gather those all together in script form to entertain other Bollywood lovers. :-)

I'm not really the first person to do this. I was really inspired by a site that's unfortunately not up anymore called, that did this for popular Hollywood movies. I got the name "just another frog" since I was doing kind of the same thing, at first. Eventually I figured that nobody does this for Bollywood movies (at least not that I know of), so here we are.

I will update and add scripts as often as I can, just keep in mind that this takes time, and I do have a life outside of writing these (unfortunately).

I'm always open to suggestions for movies to abridge. If there's anything in particular you'd like to see me make a script of, just let me know.

Most importantly, please please please keep in mind that these are all done purely for fun. I don't write these to criticize the films, although some of my sarcastic comments may make it seem that way. I consider this more of a "I kid because I love," or an affectionate parody site. Think about it this way-- if I really hated the film I'm writing about, why would I bother to pay and watch it more than once so that I can write a script of it? So if you're a die-hard fan of any movie that I've made a script on, please try and have a sense of humor about it and recognize that I'm NOT bashing your favorite movie, I'm just poking a bit of fun at it for...well, for fun.

I think that covers everything...please check out the scripts I've posted, and leave your comments on them. If you like them, please add us to your list of viewed blogs! Enjoy!

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  1. i love this idea. if only someone would actually abridge the movies themselves (not just scripts)